BetterDoctor API Use and Display Requirements

The intention of the BetterDoctor API is to allow developers to innovate faster in healthcare market. This is accomplished by providing modern developer friendly functionalities on top of healthcare data that otherwise would take years to develop and build. While we encourage the innovation beyond the norm we need to ensure that certain requirements are met in addition to our API Terms of Use.

You must follow these guidelines

Data usage

  • BetterDoctor API has two versions of subscription:
    1. a free, explore version, aimed for developers to discover the data and how we structure it
    2. a premium version, where you are allowed to use the data for approved use cases, and you get higher rate limits

  • In some cases, we might permit you to use the API for a longer period of time, to build a demo or MVP with it. However, we would always like to hear from you first.

  • If you are building a commercial use case, you must request permission to use the data. Please get in touch with to talk to us.

What is not allowed

Storing of any BetterDoctor data is prohibited

  • BetterDoctor data is updated on a daily basis. To ensure the most up-to-date and correct representation of the data, the applications are not allowed to store any data returned by the BetterDoctor API, when you are using the demonstration API. If we are in an approved partnership, caching and storing might be allowed depending on our contract.
  • Even for the free accounts, storing BetterDoctor uid for object matching is allowed though. But we know how hard the matching of data can be, so let us help you on that instead

No scheduled calls to the BetterDoctor API

  • Every call to our API should happen within the end user session in question and be initiated by the end user’s need of data or functionalities
  • We work hard to provide fast and efficient functionalities that scale with your needs, but if you find issues, please help us to improve by letting us know about them

Do not alter any BetterDoctor Brand features or data provided by the BetterDoctor API

Do not aggregate BetterDoctor rating to be part of any overall rating

  • You are allowed to show content from multiple providers together with BetterDoctor data though

Immediate access to API keys